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In 2003 at HMCS CHIPPAWA in Winnipeg Canada, the founder of The Alberni Project met two of the crew of Alberni who had survived the sinking of their vessel in 1944.  It was at their suggestion that The Alberni Project (which was still only a website memorial at that time) be expanded to include a mobile memorial and exhibit on HMCS ALBERNI and her crew.  Their motivation was very clear.  They didn't want some "concrete memorial erected in some city park somewhere that would soon be overlooked".  Their request was that a memorial be developed which would take the story of the Alberni to where people coongregate and expand the Project to include a mobile exhibit.

TAP's first mobile exhibit consisted of a flip album of what few photos TAP had been able to locate, an old card table, a CD player with music of the "war era", and a backyard canopy.  TAP was sponsored by The Dominion History Project as part of their program of Canadian history and citizenship.  DHP sponsored TAP at the Courtenay Canada Day festival through 2010 and was instrumental in the ever expanding features of the TAP exhibit.  

It was in 2011 that other communities on Vancouver Island began to invite TAP to their events.  This required the need for a small cargo trailer to transport the TAP exhibit from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to the northern end, and from the west coast of the island to the east.  Fortunately a trailer was purchased and is on permenant loan to TAPS by local resident James Derry.

TAP is still exhibiting at schools, civic festivals, and military events.  Partial funding for the TAP mobile unit is provided by the Alberni Project Society funds as well as private and corporate donations as well as community sponsorships of the community TAP is exhibiting in.  Due to rising costs involved in travel there are now some fees required to host a TAP exhibit which varies due to location and length of exhibit.

For booking information and fees please email k103museum@alberniproject.org with your request and dates requested.

The "I WILL REMEMBER" and  "JE ME SOUVIENDRAI" POPPY LOGO IS A TRADEMARK of the Alberni Project Society.  Use of either English or French logo is prohibited without expressed written permission from the Alberni Project Society

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